Harry Kraemer

Harry Kraemer


Harry has been in the transportation industry since 1978. He is a FAA licensed aircraft dealer. Harry has been involved in the aircraft sales/appraisal business since the 1980s. In most recent years Harry will usually complete over a 100 collector car/motorcycle and aircraft appraisals each year. Such appraisals have been used in estate settlements, divorce settlements, financing purposes, and insurance claims. As part of continuing his education Harry has served as a judge (He has been a judge for the Antique Automobile Club of America) for industry related shows judging vehicles, aircraft, and motorcycles. Harry has received appraisal training from such companies as Cessna Aircraft, Antique Automobile Club of America (Judging School), and several internationally recognized appraisal organizations. He is a member of the Association of Online Appraisers. In addition to appraising collector vehicles Harry has restored and raced numerous vintage cars and motorcycles.

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As a young child in the early 1960s Harry could be found in his father's garage working on vintage cars or with his grandfather working on his boat. Vintage cars, classic boats, aircraft, and motorcycles have always been a part of Harry's life. Harry was first introduce to aircraft in the mid to late 1960s by his father and that was about the time he got his first airplane ride.


Harry's automotive career began in the late 1970s working for a Chevrolet dealer in the parts department. It was during this time that he received training in writing estimates (collision estimates for automotive body shops), managing automotive collision repair centers, and automotive mechanics. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Harry worked for numerous new car dealerships advancing to an Assistant Parts Manager and Assistant Service Advisor. In 1989 Harry was presented with the Nissan Parts & Service Managers’ Organization Recognition of Outstanding Dealership Parts Performance Award. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s Harry worked for a large automobile dealer (with over 40 franchises) where he gained experience buying/selling cars at auctions, appraising used cars, and working as a service advisor. Harry has over 20 years experience appraising vehicles and aircraft, completing thousands of appraisals on cars, motorcycles, and aircraft. Harry has been published in over 20 different publications (over 60 papers/articles). Harry currently works as an appraiser and a broker buying/selling antique cars, motorcycles, and aircraft from Piper Cubs to large Jets. Over the years he has owned, restored, and raced numerous vintage cars and motorcycles. In the 1980s, Harry did some drag racing.

In addition to being an active scuba diver since 1976, Harry has also attended several sailing schools where he learned the art of sailing. He has served as a crew member on large sail boats. He has sailing experience on sloops, catamarans, and the ketch.

Harry is also an active pilot and Master Flight Instructor. Before starting Kraemer Aviation Services in 2002, Harry held numerous senior management positions in aviation including: Assistant Vice President of a Part 91 and 135 Flight Department, Chief Pilot for a 135 operation, Chief Instructor for several Part 141 Flight Schools, and Aircraft Sales Manager for Frederick Aviation Inc. He has also held senior management positions in the automotive industry.

Harry holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor with Instrument Instructor and Multi-engine Instructor ratings. Harry has the distinction of being the only instructor (out of approximately 84,000) to have ever held three Master titles from Master Instructors LLC, an FAA recognized accredited program: Master CFI, Master Ground Instructor, and Master Aerobatic Instructor. Harry has received dozens of aviation industry awards including several from the Federal Aviation Administration. He has also received numerous awards in the automotive industry.

Harry has flown over 110 different type of aircraft including blimps, gliders, helicopters, ultra-lights, seaplanes. He has flown 2 different type of WWII bombers - the B17 and the B24. He has also flown numerous other WWII fighter and trainer aircraft. His flight time includes seaplanes, numerous different types of business jets, turboprops, 3 different types of helicopters and more. Here are some highlights of his flying experience: Total time 10,000 – As instructor 6,500 – A flight instructor since 1989. This also includes time as a Part 141 chief instructor and a Part 135 chief pilot.

Harry has published over 90 papers in over a dozen different aviation publications including: FAA Aviation News, Aviation Maintenance, Avionics Magazine, and IFR Refresher. Harry has served as a contributing editor for several aviation publications. Harry was also a research consultant for Gleim Publications. Harry served as an Aviation Safety Counselor for the Baltimore FSDO for over 15 years and served as an EAA Flight Advisor for the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Back in the early 1990s Harry was involved in a world record setting flight. He trained a 16 year old student pilot for a coast to coast cross country - solo. See this video for more information.

Pictured here are a few of the warbirds, rare motorcycles, and other vehicles that Harry has appraised.

Harry has been an avid writer since the early 1970s. Harry's published material is posted below along with a link to the newsletter section on the Flymall. Harry publishes a monthly wheels & wings newsletter that is posted there. Recently Harry rediscovered some of his writing from a "Free Writing" class he took in the 1970s. This material is also posted below under Harry's writing 1970s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. All of the articles/material posted below is in order my the most recent to the oldest (oldest at the bottom)

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Harry Kraemer is an industry trained/certified appraiser for aircraft, vintage/classic automobiles, and motorcycles.
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