Our Commission Rates / Fees

Our Commission Rates / Fees


Our commission fees are as follows:

For aircraft up to $200,000.00 USD a fee of 8 percent of the selling price will be charged to the seller for brokering your aircraft.

For aircraft over $200,000.00 USD a 6 percent fee is charged for brokering your aircraft.

For multi-million dollar aircraft to act as a buyer’s agent or broker the fee is between .5 percent up to 3 percent (of actual sale price of aircraft) depending on price of aircraft, amount of work involved, and other responsibilities written into the agreement.

For clients that want to sell your aircraft yourself you can still utilize the features and benefits of the Flymall via one of the two options listed below.

Option 1 - Flymall.org charges $35 per month to list your aircraft on our web site. This includes our team handling all inquiries and assisting in the closing/settlement arrangements.

Option 2 - Flymall.org charges a one time fee of $90 to list your aircraft on our web site. We will post your contact information with the ad and instruct buyers to contact you for additional information.

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When your aircraft is listed on our web site (for either $35 or $90) we can include as many pictures and/or video as you want to post. We can also list any documents that you feel are necessary to help sell the aircraft.

We can also act as a "Buyers Agent" to help you locate an aircraft.
For a onetime fee of $600.00 USD Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) will complete an online appraisal/evaluation for an unlimited number of aircraft for a period of 90 days from the date this agreement is signed.
This service includes advising client on an “offer” price and reviewing purchase agreements. Multiple resources will be used to determine an offer price.
The online appraisal/evaluation will include a search of the NTSB database.
We require payment upfront for this service.

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We also offer a "full service" that includes our team locating a suitable aircraft, arranging a prebuy/annual inspection, handling all paperwork, and arranging delivery. For aircraft up to $200,00.00 USD in value we charge 5 percent of the purchase price for this service. For aircraft from $200,000.00 USD to $600,000.00 USD we charge 3 percent of the purchase price. A $1,000.00 USD deposit is required and all expenses are required to be paid in advance.

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The above fees are guidelines. Kraemer Aviation Services and Flymall.org have the right to deviate and/or change our fees as needed.
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