Buyers Agent / Purchase Advisor

Buyers Agent / Purchase Advisor



For a onetime fee of $900.00 USD Kraemer Aviation Services, LLC (Harry Kraemer) will complete an online appraisal/evaluation for an unlimited number of aircraft for a period of 90 days from the date an agreement is signed.

The client will email (email to links to the aircraft that they want an appraisal/evaluation for.

This service includes advising client on an “offer” price and reviewing purchase agreements. Multiple resources will be used to determine an offer price.

The online appraisal/evaluation will include a search of the NTSB database.

All aircraft reviewed will be entered into the Market Watch section of Clients will be able to view actual sale prices, appraised prices, offers, and other price data in the market watch. Each client's aircraft will be entered in such a way that they will be able to view their aircraft with one link.

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Detailed Description
With 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction, Kraemer Aviation Services specializes in buying and selling quality airplanes. Additionally we offer aviation services from accident investigation to selling pilot supplies. Kraemer Aviation Services success in exceeding customer expectations has consistently produced a growing customer base. From locating aircraft of the highest quality to suit your every need to creating maximum exposure for aircraft you are selling, Kraemer Aviation Services works directly with customers to simplify and expedite transactions. Kraemer Aviation Services works to save customers valuable time and money.
Today in Aviation History
May 25, 1927: Lt. James A. Doolittle files the first outside loop in a Curtiss P-1-B pursuit plane at McCook Field. Starting at an altitude of 8000 ft Doolittle pointed the nose of the a/c down and describes a circle of 2000 ft diameter, leveling out at his original altitude. At the bottom of the circle, flying inverted, it is estimated that his a/c was traveling at 280 mph. The outside loop had not been previously attempted because of fear that the a/c would disintegrate. [Note: French pilot Pegoud is purported to have performed outside loops prior to this date.]