Harley Davidson 3 Wheelers

Harley Davidson 3 Wheelers


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How did three-wheeled motorcycles come about? In 1913, there was strong competition between motorcycle, automobile and truck manufacturers. In addition to providing personal transportation vehicles, each manufacturer sought to design machines they could sell in vast quantities to businesses needing to transport goods. With “super highways” not yet on the drawing boards, large volumes of goods were transported by railroads in 1913. Locally, big and small trucks broke down these loads and made deliveries to businesses, retailers. But there was still a need to get small quantities of merchandise to shops, or even to the final consumer, or provide door-to-door services like knife sharpening. Machines like the Indian Traffic Car, the Harley Davidson motorcycle truck, and the Auto Carrier Delivery Box Van fit into this final category of local delivery, as did some of Harley’s sidecar based “trucks” and Servi-Cars.

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One of the vehicles pictured here is from a Facebook post (the gray vehicle with a person in the picture). 1913 Harley-Davidson 9G Motorcycle Truck (more commonly known as a Forecar). The post read: “Walter,” the 1913 Harley-Davidson Forecar. The only one known to exist. Looking closely at this Forecar design, we see a fairly typical main motorcycle frame and drive train, but a stout angle iron frame for the “box” and a steerable front axle similar to the front axle of a car; linkages connected to the handlebar/steering stem made the front wheels steer. Rare in 1913 was the Harley-Davidson two-speed rear hub. Few of these Forecars were made and very little is known about them. This is the only example known to exist. It was used by a Harley vendor in Milwaukee, then sat in a barn 40 years and has been under restoration for the past 40 years by its long time owner Mike Schuster.

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Over the years numerous three wheel motorcycles or vehicles have had the Harley Davidson name on them. Motorcycles such as the Package Truck, Servicar or Servi Car, and the Motorcycle Truck were actually made by Harley Davidson. While others like the Trihawk, Penster Tilting Reverse Trike, and a three wheel golf cart have had the Harley Davidson name on them. And there was also the Japanese Harley Davidson Model RR Truck made in Japan. And there were also a few prototypes such as the TA and the XS.
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