Sample Aircraft

Sample Aircraft


This is an example of how detailed our aircraft listings are. We often sell aircraft without the buyer ever coming to look at the aircraft.

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We received this from the seller/owner after we sold the aircraft for him.

"Many thanks for making the sale happen. You were most professional throughout the process and did a great job keeping me informed of status. You are a role model for your profession.


This aircraft sold in about 3 weeks for a price higher than the seller expected. Please review this sample listing to facilitate getting your listing on It will usually take about an hour to shoot 80 pictures and all of the log books. In this sample a camera phone is used and the log books are very clear and readable. An aircraft listed for sale with information and pictures such as in this example will usually sell fast and will command a higher price as compared to an aircraft that has minimal information. There is a link below for my aircraft inventory form, use that form to get us the required information needed to get your aircraft listed for sale with us.

In general folks will not come out to look at an aircraft until after they have reviewed log books online and have looked at some quality high res pictures. We have designed with this in mind.

Here is some more feedback from another happy customer. We sold them a Cessna Skycatcher and got this email about 6 months later: Harry, Just wanted to send you an update on the airplane we bought from you last August. As you can see, we have changed the registration number. (January 1979 is the wedding anniversary date for Lynn and Connie). We have flown it 25 hours and Connie is very comfortable in it now. It has been trouble free except for replacement of the main battery and the avionics back up battery. We love the avionics package. We are waiting on an approved solution for ADS-B from Cessna now. We both appreciate your help in the transaction. Maybe we will see you at the AOPA fly in at Frederick in June. I retired at the end of December and we hope to travel more. Drop in and visit us at Chandelle Aviation Estates! (SC72).

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Offered for sale is a very clean Cessna 150 M. Low airframe time. GPS and more. Nice paint and interior.

3493 TTAF
1368 SMOH

The NTSB database shows no records for this aircraft. You can search our site for NTSB to access their database.

We usually sell about 5 or 6 Cessna 150 per year and this is one of the cleanest 150s we have seen.

The FAA has this aircraft as a 1975 however by serial number it is a 1976.

This is the second time the current owner has owned this aircraft. It was owned by a gentleman in Easton, Maryland that had it for about 10 years and only put about 20 hours on it.

Weight & Balance info dated 2001:
Empty weight 1109.00
Useful load 491.00

Aircraft is located at:
Carroll County Regional Airport/Jack B Poage Field
200 Airport Drive
Westminster, Maryland 21157

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It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify that all equipment is working to their satisfaction. The listing of avionics or other equipment does not necessarily mean that the equipment is working. Kraemer Aviation,, or the broker does not perform any inspections or operational test to any aircraft, avionics, or other equipment prior to listing the aircraft for sale. All aircraft are sold as is, where is.
Equipment Specifications
Serial Number15077153
Registration NumberN63169
LocationWestminster, Maryland
Flight RulesIFR
Number of Seats2
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Kraemer Aviation is offering this 1975 Cessna 150 for sale. This is a very nice aircraft that will not stay on the market long. The logbooks are in good order and are complete and readable.
As of October 2 2014 the current tac was 3492.8
As of October 2 2014 the current hobbs was 1036.3

The aircraft does come with the wheel pants and they are in very good condition.
Engine Specs
0-200 Series - see engine logs below for more details

Major overhaul was June 10 1980 at 2120 tac time.

Compressions at Aug 2014 annual were 79,75,78,78

Top overhaul with new cylinders was March 2004 at 3463 tac time.

1368 SMOH
Apollo II Morrow
Garmin Aera 500 Yoke Mount GPS
Bendix King KT76A Transponder
Sigtronics Intercom
Glide Slope

Additional Equipment
Has a strobe on the tail.
Wingtip strobes are installed but inop.
No beacon, just the tail strobe.

Carburetor Ice Detector from Iceman Aviation Supplies
The aircraft does have an auto gas STC however the current owner uses Av gas
Inspection Status
Last annual was August 2014 at 3488.70 tac time
91.411 & 91.413 certs were Aug 2013
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