Abandoned Aircraft

Abandoned Aircraft


Updated July 2024

As a busy DPE and flight instructor, I find a lot of aircraft just sitting at an airport. Basically abandoned. When these are found, I start a process of contacting the owner to offer to broker or purchase the aircraft. Often the owner is deceased and then we need to start a different process. Some aircraft will never be able to be sold legally.

Please read this complete ad.

If you are interested in any of these aircraft please EMAIL ME (harry@flymall.org) which ones you are interested in. No phone calls.

I cannot post any more info until I have a signed agreement to sell or broker these aircraft.

These aircraft are not being auctioned, they will be listed with an asking price and sold via first come first served. As the paperwork clears I will post 50 to 100 pictures for each aircraft along with any log books that are available. Once the paperwork clears each aircraft will be listed in my used aircraft section of Flymall.org. It can take 3 or 4 months (or even longer) for the paperwork to clear and for me to have a clear title. Check back often since I will be adding more aircraft to this list.

For some of these aircraft we may NEVER get a "clear title" or approval to sell or broker. You can email me at harry@flymall.org to be put on a list to be notified if/when an aircraft becomes available.

The following aircraft MAY be available soon for sale:

1965 182 J - (sales code 26) - flyable
1970 A 150 L - (sales code 594)
1981 A 185 F on floats - (sales code 60) - flyable
1975 150 M - (sales code- 75) - parts aircraft
1973 150 L - (sales code 19) - maybe flyable
1966 172 H - (sales code 16)
2 Cessna 177 fixed gear - 1 with no engine
1967 150 G - (sales code 858)
1974 A 185 F on floats - (sales code 174)
1985 172 P - (sales code 989) - no engine
172 N model - (sales code 738)

Click here for a Cessna 170 B that is available

1978 M20 J - (sales code 201)
1968 M20 F - (sales code 385)
1978 M20 J - (sales code 422)
An M20 J with no tail number - (sales code 085)

1976 Seneca PA34200T - (sales code 751) - parts aircraft, has log books
1962 Comanche PA24 - (sales code 780) - parts aircraft
1966 PA24-260 - (sales code WB)
Piper Cherokee apart on a trailer with no engine
PA-25-235 - (sales code 956)
1961 PA-24-180 - (sales code 757) no engine
1956 PA-22 150 - (sales code 684)
1972 PA-28R-200 - (sales code 526)

1967 V35 - (sales code 4w)
1950 B35 - (sales code 195)

Grumman American
1978 GA 7 - (sales code 747) This aircraft has been sitting in the same spot since the 1990s and is in very poor condition.

1947 108-1 - (sales code 888)

1950 Navion B - (sales code 88)

Click here for my used aircraft page

Other aircraft will be available soon. These aircraft will be added to this list. Complete details and pictures will be posted for each aircraft.
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Detailed Description
This is a list of aircraft that may be available soon. Most will be sold at wholesale prices. Some of these aircraft will not have any log books or maintenance history. Check back often since I will be updating this list as more aircraft are made available.
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