Tiger Dash Restoration

Tiger Dash Restoration


The materials experts who chose the clear finish used on the Tiger dash apparently assumed it would never be exposed to sunlight because virtually every original dash probably exhibits some cracking of the finish, or worse. (Editor's Note:This environment is generally correct, in the country of origin.) (8-) A more likely explanation is simply the fact that the finishes used in the mid-‘60s were not nearly as UV tolerant as contemporary types.

Depending on the damage to your dash you may decide to replace it with one of the fine solid walnut types that can be purchased through your favorite supplier or restore the one you have. I actually had one of the solid walnut dash’s that came with my car but decided to restore the original because I wanted a more authentic looking dash.

Restoring the dash primarily consists of re-veneering and refinishing. It takes a lot of work but with proper care and time it can look as good or better than the original and last much longer.

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