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Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Manufacturer: Lomax Motor Co. Country of Origin: Great Britain. The Lomax was developed in the mid-1980s by Nigel Whall of England. Whall, a glass reinforced plastic (grp) specialist and Morgan three wheeler enthusiast, built the first Lomax (resembling a Morgan and using readily available, reliable Citroën 2CV components) as a show piece for a grp trade show. The body style made good sense in England as three wheelers have always enjoyed great popularity because of the low road taxes and the need for just a motorcycle license. The boat tail (Morgan refers to this as a Beetle-back), protruding cylinders, and low, open body give the Lomax a striking appearance on the road. While some say the car’s name comes from “low cost, maximum performance,” the name refers to Lord Lomax, a mediaeval nobleman who lived in the area where the car originated.
Frederick, Maryland
Today in Aviation History
May 25, 1927: Lt. James A. Doolittle files the first outside loop in a Curtiss P-1-B pursuit plane at McCook Field. Starting at an altitude of 8000 ft Doolittle pointed the nose of the a/c down and describes a circle of 2000 ft diameter, leveling out at his original altitude. At the bottom of the circle, flying inverted, it is estimated that his a/c was traveling at 280 mph. The outside loop had not been previously attempted because of fear that the a/c would disintegrate. [Note: French pilot Pegoud is purported to have performed outside loops prior to this date.]