Go Kart and Dune Buggy Tech and Service Info

Go Kart and Dune Buggy Tech and Service Info


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Vector Go Kart: - Our blue one is a 4170
The Vector Go Kart uses drive belt # 14704 - Purchase from American Sportworks 260-432-1596 (price for two is $50)
Clutch Driver Pulley 14716 (Charged $179.45 by Cycle Connection)
Clutch Driver Pulley 14716A or 14-716A (Charged $162.80 by Cycle Connection)
Tires are 16x6.50-8 ($55.99 each @ CN) and 18x6.50-8 ($65.99 each @ CN)
Takes 20 oz of 10W30 oil

April 2014 - Purchased from American Sportworks (part numbers below are correct)
2 14704 drive belts $22.00 each
1 14716 driver pulley $97.00 each
1 14706 driven pulley $88.00 each

Sept 2015 - Purchased from American Sportworks (Phone 800-643-7332)
It is recommended that a drive belt, the driver pulley, and driven pulley are all replaced at the same time.
14704 drive belt $25.10 each
14716 driver pulley $110.50
14706 Driven pulley $100.40
14675 chain $17.10
14669 master link for chain $5.70

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