Pitts Parts

Pitts Parts


Ira Walker is our Husky and Pitts expert/ specialist. If you are looking for Husky or Pitts parts or if you are in need of mechanical or repair work on your aircraft contact Ira of Walker Aviation.

Ira also offers paint & fabric work. Builder assistance for RV, Back Country Cub or other homebuilt.

For details about Walker Aviation visit http://flymall.org/ or http://flymall.org/planes/ and you will find links to the Walker Aviation page on the Flymall.

Ira can be reach at:
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Detailed Description
Somewhere in the mix of over 70 years of aviation history Ira Walker (of Walker Aviation) became hooked by the deep rich smell of the aviation world. In 1994 he took part in a high school program that allowed students to learn working skills for a grade. This was the start of his aviation profession and Walker Aviation.
Today in Aviation History
May 25, 1927: Lt. James A. Doolittle files the first outside loop in a Curtiss P-1-B pursuit plane at McCook Field. Starting at an altitude of 8000 ft Doolittle pointed the nose of the a/c down and describes a circle of 2000 ft diameter, leveling out at his original altitude. At the bottom of the circle, flying inverted, it is estimated that his a/c was traveling at 280 mph. The outside loop had not been previously attempted because of fear that the a/c would disintegrate. [Note: French pilot Pegoud is purported to have performed outside loops prior to this date.]