Why List Your Property With Us

Why List Your Property With Us


Let the team of Sarah McNelis and Harry Kraemer work for you.

Sarah has an aviation background including aircraft ownership, licensed Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanic, and taildragger pilot to name a few.

Harry has been flying since the 1980s. He has over 30 years as a flight instructor and he is also a Designated Pilot Examiner with over 10,000 flight hours.

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Kraemer Aviation/Harry Kraemer has teamed up with Sarah McNelis of Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. to better serve our client’s real estate sales/purchase requirements. By listing your property with us, you get the maximum exposure through the MLS listing and the marketing power of Sarah McNelis and Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. realestate
Today in Aviation History
February 26, 1952: North American test pilot George Smith becomes the first person to survive a supersonic ejection. During a test flight the controls of a production F-100A Super Sabre lock and the plane enters a near vertical dive. At an altitude of 6000 ft at Mach 1.05 (675 mph), Smith ejects. He experiences a peak 64 g from wind-drag deceleration and spends .29 sec above 20 g. Smith immediate lost consciousness and his chute deploys but with 1/3 of its panels ripped. Gravely injured he lands in the Pacific where a fishing boat finds him. Smith recovers after a long convalescence and returns to testing high performance a/c.