Our Commission Rates / Fees

Our Commission Rates / Fees


Let the Flymall Real Estate team work for you. We offer numerous choices to help you sell your property.

A 6 percent advertising fee (6 percent of the selling price) is charge to the seller when we are contracted to list/broker your property. This includes our team handling all inquiries, showing the property, and assisting in the closing/settlement.

For clients that want to sell your property yourself you can still utilize the features and benefits of the Flymall via one of the two options listed below.

Option 1: Flymall charges $35 per month to list your property on our web site. This includes our team handling all inquiries, setting appointments to show the property, and assisting in the closing/settlement arrangements.

Option 2: Flymall charges a one time fee of $90 to list your property on our web site. We will post your contact information with the ad and instruct buyers to contact you for information and to set up an appointment to see the property. Your ad will run as long as you want it to run.

When your property is listed on our web site (for either $35 or $90) we can included as many pictures and/or video as you want to post. We can also list any documents that you feel are necessary to help sell the property.
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Detailed Description
Licensed agent on staff. Our real estate sales experience dates back to the 1980s when we started buying and selling properties.
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