Student Pilot Solo Cross Country

Student Pilot Solo Cross Country


Student pilot solo cross country

9:16 departs from KGAI to KLNS

Left SFRA normal weather conditions for VFR flight

Little before the river on the way to Lancaster I started to listen to the ATIS

ATIS reported thunderstorms in the area near KLNS

@ river I texted Mrs. Kraemer saying that there are thunderstorms in the area

I was so close so I decided to land at KLNS.

When I called into KLNS tower, I didn’t get a response. One of my radios – COM1 was intermittent.

Called in KLNS 4 times, with no response I turned back to river and called again.

Called another two times then switched to radio -COM2. Received indication that KLNS was able to hear me on COM1 but I could not hear them on COM1.

Got permission to land and landed on runway 8. I took another turn on the pattern at KLNS. Landed twice @ KLNS with increasing precipitation

That’s when it poured. I followed another plane to the FBO for weather and to wait out the storm. From there certified instructor took Shaun, me and his other student to the tower to have a look inside

I gained some nice insight from the people who work in the tower and they helped me with deciding when it was safe to leave.

@ 11:45 I received clearance to depart runway 8.

After departing KLNS I turned crosswind and, in an attempt, to stay VFR I deviated from my course home.

Unsure, I asked Potomac for flight following to get back to KGAI. I still only had comm 2

I followed headings I received from 125.52 and entered the SFRA area. Soon after I entered the SFRA area I descended to 2000 feet to avoid the clouds. When I was still flying through them, I contacted 125.52 and asked for an altitude that was still VFR. They asked me to fly 1500. I was flying at 1700.

Subsequently, I followed instructions accordingly.

Found KGAI and landed

Pulled into parking lot for debrief

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Back in the early 1990s Harry was involved in a world record setting flight. He trained a 16 year old student pilot for a coast to coast cross country - solo. See this video for more information

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Student pilot solo cross country
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