Radio Procedures at KGAI

Radio Procedures at KGAI


Radio Procedures For Leaving KGAI:
First file an SFRA flight plan.

Click on the link below for the Special Flight Rules Area training course. This is a required course for all pilots flying with 60 miles of DC

SFRA Training Link

While on the ground contact Potomac Clearance on 121.6.
You: Potomac Clearance N911AT on the ground at Gaithersburg SFRA on file to Wooly Gate.
Potomac Clearance: N911AT squawk 5354 and contact departure on 132.77.
You: N911AT rodger squawk 5354 and departure frequency is 132.77
Potomac Clearance: N911AT read-back correct.

After leaving the pattern you will contact Potomac Departure on 132.77.
You: Potomac Departure N911AT with you off of Gaithersburg.
Potomac Departure: N911AT transponder observed proceed on course clear of Bravo (Bravo Airspace), altimeter 30.44
You: N911AT Rodger on course clear of Bravo, altimeter 30.44

As you clear the SFRA you should tell Potomac Departure you are clear. They may tell you when you are clear.

Potomac Departure: N911AT you are clear of the SFRA squawk 1200 frequency change approved.
You: N911AT Rodger, squawk 1200 frequency chance approved.

Or it may go like this:
You: Potomac Departure N911AT is clear of the SFRA.
Potomac Departure: N911AT squawk 1200 frequency change approved.
You: Rodger squawk 1200 frequency change approved N911AT.

When returning to KGAI:
You: Potomac Approach N911AT.
Potomac Approach: N911AT Potomac Approach say request.
You: N911AT at the Wooly Gate SFRA on file to Gaithersburg.
Potomac Approach: N911AT squawk 4605 and remain clear of the SFRA.
You: N911AT rodger squawk 4605 and remain clear.
Potomac Approach: N911AT transponder observed proceed on course to Gaithersburg, remain clear of Bravo (Bravo Airspace).
You: N911AT rodger proceed on course to Gaithersburg, stay clear of Bravo.
You: Potomac N911AT has Gaithersburg in sight.
Potomac Approach: N911AT rodger, stay on the code until you land, frequency change approved.
You: N911AT rodger stay on the code and frequency change approved.

You can click on this link and listen to 121.6 and/or 132.77 to hear actual transmissions from aircraft at KGAI

Click here for Harry's lesson plan page to view more lesson plans

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