Classic Auto Mall

Classic Auto Mall


If you love classic cars, this is a very cool auto mall. At any given time, they have about 1,000 cars under one roof that covers 8 acres. Imagine that, a climate controlled 8 acre building. They sell between 80 to 100 classic cars per month per month.

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Plan to spend from 4 to 7 hours there.

Here are some pictures (just under 600) from our last visit there. You can scroll through the pictures in this window, or click on an image and open up a new window.

Classic Auto Mall 05-15-2024

The Classic Auto Mall has over 400 barn finds on display and for sale. It is likely the largest collection of original/preserved vehicles you'll ever see. One of our favorites from our last visit, was this 1915 Republic 2 Ton Truck. Click on the image for a larger view.


Here's a video shot from the very center of the mall. It pans around so that you can see each wing of the mall.

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The Classic Auto Mall of Morgantown, PA.
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