Skim Aire Hovercraft

Skim Aire Hovercraft


Skim Aire Hovercraft. Part of the collection of Harry's rare and unusual vehicles

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These may have been made by Aqua Terra

It could have been made by Windcraft M&M. The Hurricane was built in Toledo, OH in the 1970s by a company called Windcraft M&M. It was the next generation design to the SkimAir, otherwise known as the flying bathtub. Designed by Mike Clare, who went on to become one of the six founding directors of the Hovercraft Club of America.

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Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerSkim Aire
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
The Skim-Aire was designed Mike Clare back in the early 1970s and manufactured in Toledo, Ohio. It was the predecessor to the "Hurricane". Both machines were overweight, underpowered, loud, and performance was marginal at best.
Engine Specs
Hirth 28 horsepower Ultralight engine
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