Frederick Willys Co Inc Sno Wiz

Frederick Willys Co Inc Sno Wiz


Frederick Willys Co Inc Snow Wiz

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They also made a larger sled called a Sno Dart.

Frederick-Willys of Farmington, Minnesota, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanley Home Products which produced table tennis and pool tables, started producing the Sno Dart snowmobile in 1967 and in late 1968 introduced the Galaxy snowmobile for 1969 only. Four models of the all “Pink” Galaxy’s were offered in horse powers ranging from 8 to 23 horsepower. Kohler and JLO motors were utilized.

In late 1969 the company was sold to Kaiser Industries of Sioux Falls, South Dakota who went on to manufacture the Sierra Timberline snowmobile.

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Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerFrederick Willys Co Inc
ModelSno Wiz
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Frederick Willys Co Inc Snow Wiz.. Harry watched this item on ebay starting in August 2018 and at that time it was listed for $350. In March of 2021 the price was lowered to $175 plus shipping. Harry offered $160 plus shipping and was able to purchase it for $160 plus shipping.
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