Flandria Bicycles

Flandria Bicycles


Part of the collection of Harry Kraemer's motorcycles and bicycles.

We have two Flandria bicycles in the collection.

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Here is a slide show on the history of the Flandria logo.These are in order from the earliest to the current day logo.

Flandria Bikes

Here is a car that was made in Belgium. The 1947 Altona Condor.

1947 Altona Condor AZ

Click here for more information on the 1947 Altona Condor on Harry's 3-Wheelers.com site

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Flandria is a brand of mopeds made in Belgium by the A. Claeys Flandria company. The company was founded in the early 1800's as a blacksmith company and produced many various products, including bicycles and mopeds, and has been passed down through the family. The bicycle team of Flandria is renowned for it's racing prowess. In one story, after a family trip to Bermuda where they rode on motorized bicycles, they began manufacturing the Flandria Bermuda moped. There were 2 models sold in the US, the Bermuda and the Apollo, in addition to numerous prized small motorcycles and mopeds for the European market.
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