Dragster Bicycle

Dragster Bicycle


Here's a unique dragster bicycle made by David Sprecher. Harry saw a picture of a pedal powered dragster on Facebook in 2021. He talked to David about building one and in late 2022, early 2023, David did build one. Harry purchased it from David in August 2023.

Here are a few other pedal powered dragsters.

Pedal Powered Dragster

This vehicle is designed in styling with the dragsters of the 1950s and 1960s. The front-engine dragster is a type of racing car purposely built for drag racing. Commonly known as a "rail", "digger", or "slingshot", it is now considered obsolete, and is used only in nostalgia drag racing. The front-engine dragster was an evolution from earlier front-engine hot rods and initially was a car from which all non-essential parts, including the body, had been removed to reduce weight, making the earliest dragsters essentially a production car chassis with a "souped-up" engine. These early dragsters were nicknamed "rails," due to the frame's longitudinal members (rails) being exposed to view.
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ManufacturerDavid Sprecher
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Part of Harry Kraemer's transportation museum
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