1890s Herbert Torrey Upright Bicycle

1890s Herbert Torrey Upright Bicycle


Distributed by Herbert Torrey. The claim was that this bicycle was the only bicycle to have the unqualified approval of all physicians. It was designed to have the rider sitting in an upright position, a posture favored by most physicians at that time.

The handlebar was a British design called the Whattan. It curved back around the rider to provide a convenient pull when the rider was sitting perfectly upright.

It is not known how many were made. This may be the only one remaining.

This is an all original bike except for the tires. It has original paint. This bike is fully functional and can be ridden.

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This was a Mel Short bicycle. Mel tried to purchase this bike from a collector named Cook in California. Cook ended up selling it to a guy in Lawrence Kansas. The Kansas collector got in trouble with his wife for spending too much money on bicycles, so the Kansas collector sold the bike to Mel Short. Harry purchased the bike from Mel Short in November 2021.

This bicycle is referenced in the book "Collecting & Restoring Antique Bicycles" by G. Donald Adams.

Also pictured here is a very similar bicycle made in 1896 called a Humber.
Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerHerbert Torrey of Boston Mass.
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Part of the collection of Harry Kraemer's rare bicycles.
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