1876 Malleable Iron Velocipede

1876 Malleable Iron Velocipede


Part of the collection of Harry Kraemer's rare and unusual bicycles and other transportation items.

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Patented on December 27 1875

It is made of the best malleable iron, and selected hickory wood, firmly rivited together. The axles are made of the best Swedish Iron, wheels have tapered spokes, and heavy, oval, welded tires.

\ ˈma-lē-ə-bəl \
: capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer or by the pressure of rollers
: capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences
: having a capacity for adaptive change
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1876 Malleable Iron Velocipede. The velocipede, version of the bicycle reinvented in the 1860s by the Michaux family of Paris. Its iron and wood construction and lack of springs earned it the nickname “boneshaker.” It was driven by pedaling cranks on the front axle.
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