1975 Lomax 223

1975 Lomax 223


Show History

34 Trophies/Awards/Honors (29 trophies/awards & 5 honors or special recognition)

16 First Place Awards - The vehicle has trophies in both the motorcycle and car category

Special Recognition
-June 2013 - Featured in the show brochure for British Car Day
-July 2013 - Selected as the center piece parking vehicle at British Invade Gettysburg
-October 2013 - Invited to Velocity Channel "invitation only" show
-Fall/Winter 2013 - Selected as the Lomax pictured in The A-Z of Three Wheelers book by Elvis Payne
-Fall 2014 Recognized by Wikipedia as one of the winningest Lomax on the car show circuit

Best Classic (First Place in Classic Category)
Second Place in Class at British Car Day

2011 (Won trophies at 10 out of 14 shows attended)
Three First Place
Two Second Place
Two Third place - 1 Third Place Motorcycle
And 3 other trophies/awards for top cars at show

2012 (Won trophies/awards at 7 out of 9 shows attended)
-Five First Place (2 for car category, 2 for motorcycle, 1 for trike)
-One Second Place
-1 Top Cars Award
-1 Honorable Mention
-In the fall of 2012 we were asked to display the Lomax at the Velocity Channel Car Show which is held every year at their headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. This is an invitation only show.

2013 (Won trophies at 4 out of 5 shows attended)
-First Place at The Original British Car Day. The Lomax was also featured in the brochure for this years show.
-Top 5 Award for Motorcycle at Simple Transport 2013 VW Show
-1 First Place Motorcycle
-1 Peoples Choice Award

2014 (Won trophies at 4 out of 6 shows attended)
-First Place at British & European Motorcycle Day May 18 2014
-Best in Class at Mid Maryland Ford Club annual show
-Second Place Trike at Rocky Ridge Show
-Peoples Choice & Top 5 Motorcycle Award at Simple Transport 7

There were approximately 4000 Lomax made. This is one of about 20 in the United States.

This Lomax is pictured in the latest book by Elvis Payne of http://www.3wheelers.com/ - A-Z of Three Wheelers

It was in the early 1900s that automotive enthusiasts and designers conceived the idea of combining motorcycle construction methods and powerful motorcycle engines to small inexpensive cars that were lightweight. The result was excellent performance. The vehicle was actually a cross between a motorcycle and car and soon became known as a cyclecar. The Lomax is considered a cycle car.

Visit the Flymall Market Watch page at http://flymall.org/market-watch/ for current and past sale prices for the Lomax 223.

The Le Patron is very similar to the Lomax. It also uses the Citroen engine. For more info on the Le Patron see the link below.

To network with other Morgan and three wheeler fans join the following two groups on Facebook: 3-wheelers.com & Morgan 3 Wheeler Fans.

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Equipment Specifications
Model223 Roadster
LocationGermantown, Maryland
Number of Seats2
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Manufacturer: Lomax Motor Co. Country of Origin: Great Britain. The Lomax was developed in the mid-1980s by Nigel Whall of England. Whall, a glass reinforced plastic (grp) specialist and Morgan three wheeler enthusiast, built the first Lomax (resembling a Morgan and using readily available, reliable Citroën 2CV components) as a show piece for a grp trade show. The body style made good sense in England as three wheelers have always enjoyed great popularity because of the low road taxes and the need for just a motorcycle license. The boat tail (Morgan refers to this as a Beetle-back), protruding cylinders, and low, open body give the Lomax a striking appearance on the road. While some say the car’s name comes from “low cost, maximum performance,” the name refers to Lord Lomax, a mediaeval nobleman who lived in the area where the car originated.
Engine Specs
Citroen 602cc engine.
Additional Equipment
Harley Davidson Luggage Rack
Powder Coated Wheels
New Hood Hold-Down Springs from Pegasus
Mohogany Wood Steering Wheel (Mini Pickup)
Hood Latches are part Ford Model A and part Jeep
New Brooklands Aeroscreens with Jaguar SS100 mirrors from Holden in UK
123 Electronic Ignition
Accel High Output Coil for Harley Davidson V-Twin
Chrome Alternator Bracket
Rear bumper from a 1931 Slant Windshield 4 door Ford Model A
Seats reupholstered by Rankin Upholstery
Austin Healey headlamp stone guards
Nash Metropolitan trunk hinges
Trunk/boot lid leather hold-down straps from Pegasus Auto Racing
Today in Aviation History
May 25, 1927: Lt. James A. Doolittle files the first outside loop in a Curtiss P-1-B pursuit plane at McCook Field. Starting at an altitude of 8000 ft Doolittle pointed the nose of the a/c down and describes a circle of 2000 ft diameter, leveling out at his original altitude. At the bottom of the circle, flying inverted, it is estimated that his a/c was traveling at 280 mph. The outside loop had not been previously attempted because of fear that the a/c would disintegrate. [Note: French pilot Pegoud is purported to have performed outside loops prior to this date.]