Husky A-1 Airframes

Husky A-1 Airframes


For sale: Data tag, airworthiness certificate, and rights to the N number of a 1996 Aviat Husky A-1, N11HU, SN 1312. $3,800.00 USD

Aviat Husky A1 Airframe SN 1312. Repairable airframe. Will repair and sell it for $12,500.00 for an exchange repairable airframe of same model with SN plate.

Aviat Husky A-1B airframe with cage damage. Will repair and sell with exchange airframe for $15,500.00

With the A-1 airframe we can cover, paint, and have it on a stock set of landing gear with tail feathers for an additional $12,500.00 USD.

We can include all paperwork, repairs, fabric/covering, setting on factory landing gear (includes everything firewall rearward except avionics, wings, windows) as a total package for $28.000.00 USD.

All tube repairs completed by a very experienced factory trained welder.

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Husky A-1 airframes for sale
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