Flying Car Museum

Flying Car Museum


Flying Cars - a dream that has been around almost as long as powered flight.

In the mid 1960s my father gave me a book on cars and in this book I saw a flying car that Ford was to develop – the Volante (this book is now the center piece of my collection). The space race was at its peak, the United States was about to put a man on the moon. TV shows like The Jetsons, Star Trek, and Lost In Space were on the air. And as a young kid I thought we would soon have a flying car in our driveway. At that time I became fascinated with flying cars. Over the years I have collected everything I could find related to flying cars (everything I could find and afford). I have books, models, research papers, CAD drawings from failed companies, etc. I have an entire room full of flying car memorabilia (an interest and collection that has grown for over 40 years). And the room has evolved to this small museum - The Flymall Flying Car Museum.

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Interesting flying car facts:

On August 17,1903, the first patent for a flying car was issued in Paris to Dr. Trajan Vuia.

In 1919 Glenn Curtiss' Autoplane made a very short flight.
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Henry Ford, Chairman, Ford Motor Company-1940 “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile. But it will come…”
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Today in Aviation History
October 19, 1874: Prof. Washington H. Donaldson performs the world's first aerial wedding, between Miss Elizabeth Walsh, a featured equestrienne with P.T. Barnum's Roman Hippodrome act, and Charles Colton, another Barnum performer. Besides Donaldson, the bride and the groom, the balloon carried two witnesses and the Rev. Howard B. Jefferies. The flight departed from Cincinnati's Lincoln Park.