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Welcome to Harry Kraemer Flying Car page found on the webs only Flymall.

Flying Cars - a dream that has been around almost as long as powered flight.

In the mid 1960s my father gave me a book on cars and in this book I saw a flying car that Ford was to develop – the Volante (this book is now the center piece of my collection). The space race was at its peak, the United States was about to put a man on the moon. TV shows like The Jetsons, Star Trek, and Lost In Space were on the air. And as a young kid I thought we would soon have a flying car in our driveway. At that time I became fascinated with flying cars. Over the years I have collected everything I could find related to flying cars (everything I could find and afford). I have books, models, research papers, CAD drawings from failed companies, etc. I have an entire room full of flying car memorabilia (an interest and collection that has grown for over 40 years). And the room has evolved to this small museum - The Flymall Flying Car Museum. Harry Kraemer

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Interesting flying car facts:

On August 17,1903, the first patent for a flying car was issued in Paris to Dr. Trajan Vuia.

In 1919 Glenn Curtiss' Autoplane made a very short flight.

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Henry Ford, Chairman, Ford Motor Company-1940 “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile. But it will come…”
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Today in Aviation History
June 21, 1920: U.S. Navy is authorized development of rigid airships by joint Army-Navy board.