Heald Hauler

Heald Hauler


This is a mostly original unrestored Heald Hauler. Part of the collection of Harry Kraemer's rare and unusual vintage 3 wheelers.

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At a show in 2018 Pat & Harry saw a 2 wheel Heald VT. Click here for pictures.

Fire-truck parts list:
Vintage Doug Connell aluminum boat ladder steps
Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerCarl Heald Company
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
It is generally accepted that Karl Benz invented the motor car, but did you know that car was a three wheeler? It was! 4 wheels are one too many. A three wheeler is just right. Many of the big auto makers have made three wheel vehicles including General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, and more.
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June 22, 1961: Maj. Robert White, USAF, set a new unofficial world speed record for manned airplanes by flying the rocket-powered North American X-15 at a speed of 3,603 mph.