Briggs Stratton Midget Mobile

Briggs Stratton Midget Mobile


This is perhaps one of the rarest vehicles in the collection. This is one of two known to exist. Plans to build this vehicle were published in a November 1936 magazine called Mechanics and Handicraft. Harry acquired a copy of the original plans and he had a expert aircraft builder build this one. The other one that is known to exist is also a reproduction.

This has an original Briggs & Stratton from about 1919.

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The direct drive motor wheel was developed by Arthur William Wall of Birmingham, England, around 1910 to power a bicycle. The concept of attaching the motor directly to the wheel was not new; Ferdinand Porsche developed one around 1900, but his motor wheel was electric. The A.O. Smith Corporation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, acquired the U.S. manufacturing rights to the Wall Motorwheel in 1914. and first produced the motor wheel for use on bicycles, but later added the wooden-framed buckboard car that they called the "Smith Flyer". In 1919 the manufacturing rights were purchased by the Briggs & Stratton Company, who produced the Motor Wheel and Flyers.

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BSA made a similar motorwheel called the Winged Wheel.

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The Millet motorcycle, designed in 1892 by Félix Théodore Millet, may have been the first motorcycle (or motorized bicycle) to use pneumatic tires.[1] It had an unusual radial-configuration rotary engine incorporated into the rear wheel, believed to be the first one ever used to power a person-carrying vehicle of any type.

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Equipment Specifications
ManufacturerBriggs & Stratton
ModelMidget Mobile
LocationFlymall, Maryland
Number of Seats2
Detailed Information
Engine Specs
Briggs & Stratton
Detailed Description
The A.O. Smith Corporation attached their motorwheel to a simple 4 wheel vehicle that they called The Smith Flyer. They produced the vehicle from 1915 until about 1919 when the manufacturing rights were sold to Briggs & Stratton and it was renamed to Briggs & Stratton Flyer.
Flymall, Maryland
Today in Aviation History
June 21, 1920: U.S. Navy is authorized development of rigid airships by joint Army-Navy board.