Our Market Watch section is an online searchable database and it is smart phone friendly. It was set up as a database for vehicle price data; however we have added other collectibles as well. For example, under “Make” you can search for Paul McCartney for price data related to Paul McCartney collectibles. You can also use the database to see what celebrity ownership of a vehicle does to the value. For example, under “Model” search for Trans Am, click here to view the results. You can also search the Market Watch for famous/well know collections that have sold, for example, here is the data for the Bruce Weiner Microcar Auction. And here is the data for the Lee Roy Hartung collection that sold years ago. We have also included price data from TV shows such as Jay Lenos Garage, American Pickers, and others, simply search under “Make” for Jay Lenos Garage and click on search.  The database allows you to compare asking price, book value, actual sale price, etc.  You can also view offers versus sale price.  Click here to view offers versus sale price.  The database includes aircraft, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, collectibles, avionics, engines, car parts, aircraft parts, and more.

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Belly Tank Racer Racer 1978 $14,000 I am looking to sell my Belly Tank. I am itching to start another project. Chassis is certified and it has been inspected twice. Small block Chevy and TCI Turbo 350, Winters Quick Change. Price is $14,000 or $9,999 less motor and trans. I would consider a trade for a comparable priced vehicle. Messenger me with questions or if you are interested. See https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CGcxJGIC9ELPpfy0L9n3l9NWwjUA20qA/view?usp=sharing
Belly Tank Racer Lakester 1940 $103,000 January 30 2019. Sold on BaT for $103,000! 1940s Belly Tank Lakester Congrats to the buyer and seller! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1940s-bellytank-lakester-bellytank-lakester/
Belly Tank Racer Belly Tank Racer 1932 $30,000 Seen on ebay October 8 2018. The starting bid was $30,000.00 USD. As of October 8 2018 it had 0 bids. The auction ended October 14 2018 with 0 bids. SCTA Rare Landspeed TROG 1932 Hot Rod. The ad read "It is a small p-38 belly tank also know as a p-51 we took inspiration from the first belly tank ever built by Bill Burke and we added our own twist to it. It has a 4Cyl Model A engine that was built as a race motor all new internals scat crank and ross pistons and full pressure oiling system with an overhead from millerhispeed it has a 39 transmission so down the road if anyone wanted to put a v8 flathead it is possible like the original bill burke tank. This tank is crazy fast. It was built on a custom boxed T frame and model A front and rear end. everything was built to period correctness. Was raced at The Race of Gentlemen. Has been seen pictured in a few magazines. This Tank has a ton of small detail work and has countless hours of engineering. Not street legal. Will be sold with bill of sale. Last tank like this was listed for $59,000 https://bringatrailer.com/2016/05/26/like-the-first-1946-bill-burke-belly-tank-tribute/"
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