1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 / PT-17 N49680

1941 Boeing Stearman A75N1 / PT-17 N49680



Stearman A75N1 / PT-17 for sale. This aircraft comes with a lot of spare parts, including engines, tooling, and more. See details below.

The current owner has owned this aircraft since 19 August 1995

The spare parts and tooling are worth from 1/4 to nearly half of the asking price for the entire package. It would take many years to accumulate all of these parts and tools, and here it is offered all together as a package with a nice Stearman.

See link below for over 150 high resolution pictures.

Located at the:
Hagerstown Regional Airport

The closest airline airports are: KHGR, KBWI, KIAD, KDCA

Address for driving directions:
18434 Showalter Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21742

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Arrangements can be made to keep the plane at in the hangar at the Hagerstown airport for a short period after the purchase. It is possible for the new owner the discuss this with the airport management and get a lease on the hangar.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify that all equipment is working to their satisfaction. The listing of avionics or other equipment does not necessarily mean that the equipment is working. Kraemer Aviation, Flymall.org, or the broker does not perform any inspections or operational test to any aircraft, avionics, or other equipment prior to listing the aircraft for sale. All aircraft are sold as is, where is.
Equipment Specifications
ModelStearman A75N1 / PT-17
Serial Number75-2242
Registration NumberN49680
LocationHagerstown, Maryland
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
The aircraft was painted in 1993 with silver exterior paint. The fuselage tubing is primer green. It has been finished in WWII colors. The fabric was completed using the Stits process with exception of lower wings. The lower wings were built 1995 and finished in Ceconite process & Randolph paint to match upper wings & fuselage. "Stars & Bars" on wing & fuselage. The aircraft comes with a complete military stencil set, custom cut for this airplane; never applied. Military history available, prepared by Stearman Restorer's Association Historian Ken Wilson.
Airframe logs start June 1980

Engine & airframe 350 Hours SMOH/restoration

Lower wings covered in Ceconite in August 1996

Has a custom cockpit cover to cover both front & rear cockpits

Has a 10 inch hard rubber tail wheel with a Dusters & Sprayers spring loaded tail wheel strut. It does have a steerable tail wheel

An online search reveals 2 different accidents for N49680. The current owner does not believe this aircraft was in an accident. Any buyer should do proper research and/or inspect the aircraft and make their own judgement. See links below for information on the accidents.

Here is what the current owner has said regarding the two accidents for N49680: "Identities" (paperwork) are bought & sold, and once bought, applied to restoration projects, usually after the original aircraft is "parted out" or wrecked. A note from Harry Kraemer - Please do your research if you have any concerns regarding the history of this aircraft. I believe in posting everything I know regarding an aircraft I list for sale.
Engine Specs
Engine logs start January 1984 - see link below to view engine logs online. We do not have any other history on the engine other than what is in the log books below.

Engine & airframe 350 Hours SMOH/restoration
Continental 220hp 350 Hours SMOH

The owner does not know for sure if the cylinder are steel or chrome, he thinks they may be steel.

The engine was last run in 2007 at the annual inspection

October 13 2020 - We spoke to one interested person that received an estimate of about $40,000.00 for an engine overhaul (if you decide that you want or require an overhaul). This in for information purposes only.

Two Jacobs R-755 engines are included, both require overhaul. We do not have the exact model of the engines. We will post this information when we receive it.
Sensenich Wood (like new); restored 2B20 hub from Air Repair installed June 2002

Not installed (included in sale) is a Hamilton Standard 2B20-9 constant speed prop for a Jacobs engine. Please do your research on this prop, they are very valuable. From the current owner regarding this prop "This prop was polished, "freshly overhauled" with a "Little Giant" kit, and "yellow tagged" when I bought it. " The Hamilton Standard 2B20-9 prop will NOT go on the Continental engine.
Terra TX 760D Com (new in box)
Terra TRT 250D Transponder (new in box)

No installed electrical system, but parts available with airplane.
Additional Equipment
Included in sale are the following:
50 amp Generator and Step-Up drive, both require overhaul
Jigs for wings & fuselage
Eastern Tech Corp Magento Sync tool Model E-50
Eastern Tech Corp Timing Indicator Model E-25
Prop wrench
Many spare "Timken" wheel bearings
Jasco 50 Amp Alternator Model 6555T
Several hand cranks for starting engine
New instrument panel (never installed)
Many cabinets full of A&N hardware and MS hardware
Parking brake control
A restored 3 lever throttle quadrant for constant speed prop
Complete set of birdcage clamps
Restored Hayes brake parts
A second spare instrument panel
Coil for Jacob engine
A pare of new master brake cylinders
2 spare starters
Many "new" pieces of sheet metal
A new canvas baggage liner
A box of wing gussets
2 new spare main tires (condition unknown), diamond tread
A Cessna Bamboo Bomber cowling
Microfiche reader
Complete microfiche drawing set

See the link below for pictures of the tooling and spares that is included in the sale

Electronic tachometer

Redline Brakes
Electric Inertial Starter overhauled 1995
Carb, oil pump, and both magnetos replaced with overhauled units from Air Repair
Dusters & Sprayers solid rubber tailwheel (10 inch) and tailwheel strut
Extra Aluminum wheels
Inspection Status
Last annual was July 2007
Today in Aviation History
October 26, 1922: Lt. Cmdr. G. Chevalier makes the first US Navy carrier landing in an Aeromarine 39B on the USS Langley off Cape Henry, VA. However, the plane noses over and breaks its propeller