1994 Jaguar XJS Convertible

1994 Jaguar XJS Convertible


Here is a great car to get started with in the collector car hobby. It does need some work.

As of August 28 2019 the vehicle is still available. We have NOT received any offers or written purchase agreements as of August 28 2019.

4.0 6 cylinder engine

Rare Triple Black option
It was repainted a few years ago

142170 miles
Comes with a new top and head liner still in the box
Automatic transmission
Alpine stereo - Bluetooth
Power seats
Power windows
Speed control
Air conditioning

New battery was installed in August 2019. The car does run and drive. Brakes seem to work fine. The power steering pump does make some noise, however it seems to work.

It does have some front end damage from a tree limb falling on it. See pictures for details.

Current owner has been working on restoring it for the past several years.

Here is what the current owner has reported to us that it needs:
Burns oil
Power steering pump makes noise
A/C does not work
Needs a head gasket
About 90 percent of the interior has been completed

Click here for more pictures

Located in Germantown Maryland
Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Jaguar XJS convertible for sale on the Flymall - Flymall.org your one stop website for everything Wheels & Wings. 1994 Jaguar XJS convertible for sale. Rare Triple Black option. Project car. Best offer over $3,000 USD. 4.0 6 cylinder engine. Automatic transmission. Comes with a new top and head liner still in the box. It does have some front end damage from a tree limb falling on it. Here are some of the items that the vehicle needs: burns oil, dead battery, power steering pump makes noise, A/C does not work, needs a head gasket. More details and pictures at https://flymall.org/magento/index.php/store/automotive/1994-jaguar-xjs-convertible.html
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