Instrument Check Rides

Instrument Check Rides


Checkride notes written by the applicants that took the checkrides. Most are word for word as written by the student/applicant.

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Instrument Checkride Aug 2015 FDK

Instrument Checkride Dec 2015 GAI

Instrument Checkride Dec 2015 KGAI

Instrument Checkride Jan 2016 KTHV

Instrument Checkride Oral Guide for KTHV 2016

Instrument Checkride KTHV April 2017

Notes from a local DPE of things he sees missing on checkrides:

Knowledge of the IAP Handbook

Reporting Points
ELT in-op. -- 90 day to fix
NTSB - what is it?
GPS approaches
Alternate airport -- can an airport without an approach be used as an alternate?
90 day requirements
Approach charts -- briefing, understanding
Body of TAF


Arrives without suggested pilot material from the PTS/ACS
POH/AFD/maintenance logs/
Yes I have the manuals at home
Wants me to make the decision to go/no-go due to WX
Never been trained to use the autopilot
School handouts from the instructor only - no PTS/ACS/Procedures Manuals -- used my instructors
Instructor did not sign off IACRA or log book for a Retest. "Not necessary" instructor said

Detailed Information
Detailed Description
Here is a collection of notes from various instrument pilot checkrides.
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