Scenario 25 for Private Pilot Certificate

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Scenario 25 for Private Pilot Certificate

Postby hkraemer » Fri Mar 05, 2021 10:22 am

You are planning to fly yourself and 2 other family members to a wedding in Phillipsburg PA (near Allentown PA). There is a chance that you will arrive there at sunset or even after sunset.

Here is a picture showing the location of the town ... 531861748/ The town is inside the red circle.

Please select an airport and plan a cross country (just one way) using the weather obtained at the time you did the flight planning. On the day of the checkride, you will have time to update the navigation log.

Here are the weights of you two passengers; One weighs 200 pounds and the other weighs 130 pounds. Please let me know how much fuel is required and what is the maximum weight (wedding gifts) that can be carried.

You also need to complete a weight and balance for you and the examiner in the aircraft that you will use for the checkride. The examiner weighs 140 pounds.
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