Scenario 23

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Scenario 23

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Updated June 16 2020

Plan a VFR cross country to Crisfield/Somerset Co (W41). Please prepare a VFR flight plan as well as a VFR navigation log (a paper copy). Please have a paper sectional chart with your course line drawn on it.

You have a friend that has recently purchased a rare car that is located in Delaware. He has offered to pay you to fly him to Delaware and drop him off so he can drive the car home to Gaithersburg. Explain to me how this may be possible if you hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

What are some of the flying jobs that you can do if you do not hold an instrument rating?

Your weight and balance assignment is as follows:
Your two front seat passengers (you and a another passenger) are 150 pounds and 170 pounds. Your rear seat passengers are 140 pounds and 150 pounds. You have 150 pounds of baggage. How much fuel can we carry?

Please complete a weight and balance for the actual flight in your aircraft. Harry weighs 140 pounds.

How to become a high time pilot by Harry

How to make good decisions when everything is going wrong, by Harry Kraemer
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